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  • As a group, we strive to become fluent in application of scripture to our daily lives
  • Together, we set out to lead by example in our community, instead of conforming with current trends and social norms.
  • We continue to consider our own personal  relationship with God and how to apply our own individual spiritual gifts to bring more young adults to Christ.
  • We arm ourselves with the knowledge to combat misconceptions about our faith, our purpose and God's word.

​​We are the next generation of our faith, our church and our community. We are young adults in a world that challenges our faith and morals daily. Together, we represent Christian values and teamwork to accomplish our goals of bringing more young adults to Christ.



Our group typically meets at Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church in Rockwood, Pennsylvania. However, as a group, we are very involved in the community around us. Whether it be mission work, fundraising or events, we can be found all over our community. For more information please visit our Events, Fundraising and Missions pages.