Bring Friends to More Meetings!!!

Vice President

  • Searching for new lessons, taking group interests into account

Missions Team:

  • Keeping an ear open for community projects.  

Marketing Team:

  • Managing/Updating social media 

To Do List:

Downloadable Forms:

Position Roles:

President: Responsible for convening meetings, taking votes, encourages groups and committees to achieve goals, making big decisions, figure-head of group, may require attending occasional committee meeting on behalf of youth (with Youth Leader)

Vice President: Stand in President, same responsibilities as president and in cooperation with president, lesson interests, 

Secretary: taking notes/minutes, organizing paperwork for events (release forms, handouts, etc.), making copies and other office work, communicating with group, organizing whiteboard and bulletin board

Finance Officer: balancing finances/checkbook, quarterly reports, writing checks, making deposits and withdraws

Event Planner: putting together event ideas and assisting in organizing events

Missions Team: seeking out and organizing missions work

Fundraising Team: seeking out ideas, organizing fund raising events​

Marketing Team: taking pictures, managing social media (twitter, facebook, webpage), marketing upcoming events, fundraisers and group in general